Case Statement

Community of LadnerFifteen percent of the population has special needs*. In 2010 in Delta alone there were 23,243 children under the age of 19.** That means that special needs potentially effects 3,486 children in Delta, including autism which affects 1 in every 68 children. Furthermore, the numbers are increasing.

Now, more than ever, families must have programs and services that are community based, easy to access and responsive to the needs of their children at all stages of childhood.

Capital CampaignSince 1959 Reach Society has been making a difference in the lives of children with special needs and their families. Building a child development centre in the heart of the community will give more children at all stages of childhood better access to the critical services they need, and link families to other community services more efficiently and effectively.

The new Reach Centre replaces Ladner Kinsmen House at 47th avenue and neighbours the Ladner Pioneer Library, Memorial park, Delta Secondary School, Ladner Community Centre and other community services, creating a network of community supports working together to benefit children of all ages and their families..

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*From the Delta Early Child Development Committee A Profile of Young Children Under 5 in Delta.
** Demographic Analysis Section BC Stats