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Subject: March 18 - 2011 Reach Parent Network Weekly Newsletter
: 2011-03-20 18:41:20
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March 18, 2011 REACH Parent Network Weekly Newsletter.


Reach posts a variety of material in this newsletter for the information of our readers only. Reach neither endorses nor condemns this material. We urge readers to consider this information with a critical eye and to form their own opinions about its validity or applicability to their situation.


To submit for our newsletter or have a question for Pam to research please contact her at or 604-946-6622 ext 359.  You can sign up at the  Reach Child and Youth Development Society website to receive this newsletter directly.


1.    Help a parent! Need to know something? Want to contact other parents? This is YOUR space:

·      Hi everyone, I want to re-send our request for families of adults who have been affected by cuts and/or underfunding, who are willing to support a media event in Vancouver later this month to highlight the concerns and a cross-sectoral community advocacy initiative proposing reforms to resolve the concerns that were shared with us last fall.  At the public meetings last fall and in other direct communications to MOMS, we had many individuals stepping up to share their concerns. But so far we have only had one family willing to attest to the concerns at our media event later this month.  We understand that this is not an easy thing to do, but we will not have any credibility if MOMS and other community leaders step up to draw attention to these concerns, and yet we can point to no one who is actually affected who can speak to the fact that the concerns are real and legitimate.  We urge family members of adults who have concerns about CLBC's service quality/levels, reductions due to budget cuts and/or forced relocations of group home residents in the past year, denial of meaningful choices in residential supports, denial of access due to waitlists, etc to please contact us urgently, even if you are still negotiating with CLBC to try to resolve the issues or if you are not willing to "go public".  If families are afraid to speak out publicly, we can arrange other ways to share your story/concerns while protecting your identities.  If the silence we're hearing indicates that families are no longer concerned about access, waitlists, real choices in adult services/family supports and protection of existing services, we will obviously have to reconsider our efforts with regard to the current campaign. Thank you!  Dawn & Cyndi, MOMS

·      Hi,  We'll be moving soon and we're looking for a high school with inclusive classrooms, supported with well trained staff for students with autism. We're happy to go cross-boundary or move anywhere in the lower mainland.
Any advice from parents would be appreciated!
Thank you! Please respond to


·      I will be hosting a group at the New Westminster Youth Centre beginning March 13 from 3-5. This group will continue every other Sunday until June 12 for the time being. Depending on interest this may be continued after the trial period.  I would greatly appreciate you help in helping me to circulate to as many families as possible to see if this is something that is needed in our communities.  The group is intended for ages 14-24 years of age with developmental disabilities and their families / caregivers. The first Sunday of the month is for pizza and hanging out . The second Sunday is going to be a 'party day'. I plan to make a cake (with help from the participants) and have a monthly birthday party. The facilities include:

o   basketball court

o   full kitchen

o   foosball table

o   pool table

o   tv and video games

o   tv and dvd player.

I would like this to be an opportunity for connection and networking and laughing and planning. - not WORK.  Drop in is by donation however none is required.  Thank you for helping me get this message out.  Caregivers are required to remain on site at all times. Contact Stephanie Frey at 604-765-9784 or check us at on facebook. A Social Life


2.    NEWS

·      PACIFIC AUTISM FAMILY CENTRE FINDS A HOME IN VANCOUVER.  A location for a provincial autism centre was made official when the Province and the City of Vancouver announced they have secured a home for the Pacific Autism Family Centre (PAFC) at Sunny Hill Health Centre in Vancouver. Click here to read more.

·      From MOMSONTHEMOVE:  The CBC is interested in doing a story on the PAFC, but only if others are willing to stand up and publicly talk about the issues at stake. So far only MOMS and BCACL have challenged Premier Campbell's and Mayor Robertson's assertions that this is a priority need and a widely-supported proposal that would benefit all children with ASD).
To recap, our concerns are based on:
1) Family feedback, which has overwhelmingly and consistently indicated that the priority is for govt to invest in boosting service quality/quantity and decentralized delivery models (i.e. program, not capital resources). Note that this was also the clear message that emerged from PAFC's own recent community consultations -- i.e. concern about program/service gaps, not the lack of a costly new provincial centre.
2) Process - the Province's failure to date to undertake its own objective consultations or needs assessment; questions around the ability to use a BC Housing grant to finance what we've been repeatedly assured is a non-residential project.
3) Leaked ministry documents revealing plans to fold existing programs (POPARD, BCAAN and those managed by ACT) into PAFC to subsidize its operating costs, despite program staff concerns that this would erode capacity, to the detriment of children with ASD, and that (for BCAAN and POPARD especially) a provincial family-oriented centre is not consistent with their decentralized delivery models serving professionals. 
Feel free to contact Priya directly at
Priya.Ramu@CBC.CA  (or to share her contact with others who might be willing to do so). You can ask to speak "off the record" (in confidence) initially if you have reservations about how much you can say publicly. (Reporters are professionally bound to honour confidentiality if they agree to it in advance of any discussion).

·      Autism Funding Problems in the NEWS! Click here to see the video.


3.    Reach Child and Youth Development Society


Reach News

·      Positive Parenting: The Basics and Beyond

For Parents of children of all ages .A two-part interactive approach to creating a positive, supportive atmosphere for all of your family interactions You will learn: Positive strategies for dealing with difficult behaviour, how to defuse power struggles, offer appropriate choices, be consistent, provide consequences, model appropriate behaviour and much more!

 Facilitated by: Camille Netherton & Pam Collins

Date: Wednesday, April 6 & 13, 2011

(You need to attend both days)

Time: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm

Please bring your own nut free lunch

Location: Reach Child and Youth Development

Society #3 - 3800 72nd Street in Ladner

(Near the Boundary Bay Airport) 

Register by email


Or phone:  604-946-6622, ext 343       Or fax: 604-946-6223   $20 workshop fee can be paid at the door


Reach on Facebook

Reach on Twitter


4.    AUTISM

·      Temple Grandin delivers message of hope for those with Autism.  She believes more hands-on education is needed in schools to help visual, non-language-based learners like herself. Children with autism should be mentored and encouraged to find real-world applications for the skills and interests they possess.  Click here to read more.

·      Studies implicate gut bacteria in autism.  Autism, with its constellation of behavioral and cognitive symptoms, might seem to be all in the brain. But intriguing new studies suggest that some aspects of the disorder might originate in the gut.  Click here to read more.

·      Scientists fear MMR link to autism.  New American research shows that there could be a link between the controversial MMR triple vaccine and autism and bowel disease in children.
The study appears to confirm the findings of British doctor Andrew Wakefield, who caused a storm in 1998 by suggesting a possible link.
Now a team from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina are examining 275 children with regressive autism and bowel disease - and of the 82 tested so far, 70 prove positive for the measles virus.
Click here to read more.

·      Autism and Sex? Click here for the USAAA newsletter and read the full article

·      Video: Kaspar the friendly robot helps kids with autism.  Eden Sawczenko used to recoil when other girls held her hand and turned stiff when they hugged her. This year, the 4-year-old autistic girl began playing with a robot that teaches about emotions and physical contact and now she hugs everyone.  Click here to see the video demonstration

·      Autism & compassion.  Compassion: sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.  Compassion is a huge part of being a parent. Like every other area of parenting its importance is only exaggerated when parenting a child with special needs. While being a powerful tool, it has to be used carefullyClick here to read more.

·      Why people with Aspergers seem so awkward around others.  Non-autistic people or neurotypicals see safety in numbers. We see threat. Unless we are shipwrecked and have been floating at sea in a dinghy for four days with no food we don't see safety in other people. They stimulate the amygdala in our brains, causing adrenalin overload and a fight or flight reaction.  Click here to read more.

·      New Online Training For GPs - Identifying And Managing Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Identifying and managing children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is the focus of a new online active learning module created by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).   Click here to read more.

·      Click here for ANCA's Autsm Radio Show!

·      4th Annual BC Walk  Sunday, September 25, 2011 * Nat Bailey Stadium.  Walk Now for Autism Speaks are fun-filled, family friendly events that bring together members from across the autism stakeholder community. Families, friends, teachers, service providers, corporate teams, researchers - all walking together to raise money to fund vital research, support family services programs, and raising awareness about autism and the issues facing local, provincial and national communities.  Click here for more information

·      POPARD is hosting a transition resource fair for families of secondary students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the professionals who work with them in Delta, Surrey, Langley and Richmond. The transition resource fair will be held on Tuesday April 12th from 6-9 PM at the Delta Manor Education Centre 4750 57 Street Ladner.  If you have any questions or would like to participate please contact me at the telephone or email address listed below.
Joanne Marshall
Education and Behaviour Consultant
Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders
4746-57th Street
Delta , B.C. V4K 3C9
Tel: 604-946-3610
Fax: 604-946-2956
jkmarshall@delta <>

·      An Outreach Clinic for ASD, ADHD and Mental Disorders will be held in Burnaby on Saturday April 30, 2011, hosted by the  Great Plains Laboratory and Dr.Bratt. For more information and registration contact

·      Richmond ASBC Parents Group Meeting
May 30, 2011
Jessica Fung, OTR/L
Incorporating Occupational Therapy into a Behavioural Therapy Program

Contact  Autism Society of BC for more details


5.    ADD/ADHD

·      Creativity Is An Upside To ADHD.  Parents who believe that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder makes their kids more creative got a little more scientific support recently.  Click here to read more.

·      New Insight Into ADHD.  Thanks in part to a Norwegian research biobank, researchers have generated important new insight into ADHD and how the condition manifests itself. Among other things, they have found that there is some overlap between ADHD and bipolar disorders with regard to rapid mood swings.  Click here to read more.

·      Youngsters With ADHD Adversely Affected By Sleep Loss.  A new study in the March 1 issue of the journal SLEEP indicates that the ability of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to remain vigilant and attentive deteriorated significantly after losing less than one hour of nightly sleep for a week. The study suggests that even moderate reductions in sleep duration can affect neurobehavioral functioning, which may have a negative impact on the academic performance of children with ADHD. Click here to read more.

·      Chicago's Summer Camp For Kids With ADHD.  Camp STAR, the Chicago area's only summer camp offering evidence-based therapy for children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and other behavioral, emotional and social difficulties, begins its fourth season in June.  Click here to read more.

·      Summer Survival Kit for Children With ADHD.  As the parent of an ADHD child, does the thought of summer vacation -- the unbridled energy, the change in routine, the lack of structure -- make you nervous? With our guide, help your child get the most out of her or his summer vacation, including new friends and stronger self-confidence.  Click here to read more.

·      ADHD Food: The Right Carbs, Fats, Proteins, and More.  Scientists finally agree with parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) who have suspected a connection between the kinds of foods their children eat and their behavior and symptoms. Two recent studies show a relationship between diet and ADD/ADHD symptoms. One, published in Pediatrics, concluded that pesticides, specifically organophosphates, found on fruits and vegetables may be linked to ADD/ADHD. The higher the levels of the compounds detected in a child's urine, the more likely the chance of having ADD/ADHD. (Solution? Eat organic, suggest the study's authors.) Another study, published in Journal of Attention Disorders, showed that a Western diet -- processed meats, fast foods, high-fat dairy products, and sugary foods -- doubled the risk of having an ADD/ADHD diagnosis, compared with eating a healthier diet. Click here to read more.

·      An Outreach Clinic for ASD, ADHD and Mental Disorders will be held in Burnaby on Saturday April 30, 2011, hosted by the  Great Plains Laboratory and Dr.Bratt. For more information and registration contact



·      It's official, we now have a "Blog" to go with our BCDSC website (go to last tab along the top of the home page <>  ).  Please take a look, we have 3 different posts to start with, and feel free to send us your comments for the blog.  


7.    FASD

·      The Winnipeg Free Press will be highlighting the difficulties associated with FASD over the next few weeks with a series titled, "Wounded in the Womb". 

For the last several months, with the help of a $20,000 grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, a team of Free Press reporters has combed research data, talked to experts at home and abroad and, most importantly, talked to people with FASD and their families.

Over the coming weeks, they will look at how FASD reaches into to the criminal justice system, the school system and the child welfare system. They will also look at the challenges of diagnosis, especially for adults, and lay out promising responses to the epidemic.  Click here to view

· be first province to recognize alcohol addiction as chronic condition.  Vancouver British Columbia will soon become the first jurisdiction in Canada to recognize alcohol addiction as a chronic medical condition.  Click here to read more.

·      Living with FASD - Drawing Hope is a collection of five comics, based on stories told by members of the Whitecrow Village community. The stories are about struggling in school, the importance of friendships and receiving support from friends and family.  Click here to view and order the comics!

·      Vitamin A may help curb fetal alcohol syndrome: study.  But research performed on frogs is no licence to drink while pregnant, scientists warn.  It's too early to call it a cure, but plain old vitamin A could curb the devastating effects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.  Research by an Israeli scientist suggests vitamin A could act almost like an antidote to the effects of alcohol on very early embryos during the critical development of the head and central nervous system. That's when the worst effects of FASD start.  Click here to read more.

·      The Vancouver FASD Conference March 2 - 5 is now over - a big success - 1,000 participants.  The Syllabus of 450 pages contained most of the presentations - mostly copies of the slides, sometimes an abstract.  Already some of the presentations are available on the conference website. Watch for more.  It was announced there that the plenary presentation will be on the website in the next weeks.  Let us encourage presenters to make their materials available.

Click here to read what is available!

·      Click here to read what is available from the 3rd International FASD Conference in Victoria 2 years ago.

·      When drink destroys: Fetal alcohol leaves nobody untouched.  Maybe you sat next to someone with it at the doctor's office.  Your daughter or son might have a classmate with it.  Click here to read more.

·      Man not hired due to FASD.  Hospital too busy to accommodate him, says Abernethy.  SOMBA K'E/YELLOWKNIFE - A man with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder who applied for a manual labour job at Stanton Territorial Hospital was denied the position because the hospital said it couldn't accommodate his disability, according to a Yellowknife MLAClick here to read more.

·      FASD Ontario Network of Expertise FASD ONE


A one-day FASD strategic forum

FASD ONE Symposium Thursday March 24, 2011

FASD Blueprint for Action:

Towards a Coordinated Response

Thursday March 24, 2011


100 Front Street West

Toronto, Ontario

Click here for more information

·      Click here for the ASANTE January 2011 Newsletter



·      March 26 is Epilepsy Awareness Day   Click here to see a video!

·      What Is Food Allergy? What To Do When a Food Allergy Is Suspected?  People with a food allergy have an immune system which reacts to certain proteins found in food. Their immune system attacks the specific protein as if it were a harmful pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus.  Click here to read more.

·       NEW  Click here for the March Edition of COMPLEX CHILD - The STRESS EDITION

·      NEW - Click here for the current edition of STRIDES - the BC Anxiety newsletter

·      Discovery Could Lead To New Treatments For Anxiety Disorders.  Stimulation of a distinct brain circuit that lies within a brain structure typically associated with fearfulness produces the opposite effect: Its activity, instead of triggering or increasing anxiety, counters it.  Click here to read more.

·      Mind Matters - BC Mental Health ENEWS - Current Issue Click here.

·      Force Society For Children's Mental Health Click on the link to find out about New monthly parent information and network sessions. Sessions will be offered through in person, teleconferencing and media site.



·      Delta School District Program in the WIRED magazine!

Delta Secondary's Automotive Program is building an Electric Drag Racer. Wired Magazie has picked up the story after being contacted by some students. Click here to read the article.  You can follow the project at or follow the project leader, teacher, Casey Mynott on Twitter at:!/dssev.

·      School's out: Disabling the disabled.  On Wednesday morning, in a third-floor classroom of Surrey's Frank Hurt secondary, the class began.  There were eight students. They were young adults, all with varying degrees of disability. Some can read, some not. Some speak freely, some not at all. The unifying characteristic in the classroom, however, seemed to be joy. This was a happy place. The students were smiling.  Click here to read more.

·      TED TALKS! Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education. Salman Khan talks about how and why he created the remarkable Khan Academy, a carefully structured series of educational videos offering complete curricula in math and, now, other subjects. He shows the power of interactive exercises, and calls for teachers to consider flipping the traditional classroom script -- give students video lectures to watch at home, and do "homework" in the classroom with the teacher available to help.  Click here to watch the video.



·      Mom of Kid with Autism Develops Visual Communication Tools.  When Dr. Howard Shane of Children's Hospital Boston told Roslindale's Marie Duggan more than a decade ago that her autistic son Michael had "the goods but needed the tools" to communicate, Duggan saw only one possible path to take.  She needed to help develop those tools.  Click here to read more.

·      What Is SquagTM ?  [skwag] is a new application designed specifically for tweens and teens on the autism spectrum. Our goal is to facilitate the opportunity for organic relationships; driven by kids, supported by parents. What could be better?  Click here to see a demo!

·      Child Addictions - What happens when they grow up?  The youngest child I've seen thus far with technology addiction was 3 years of age, although I've corresponded with parents who have concerns about children as young as age two. It appeared that this child had an invisible cord connecting him to the television, and he would rarely venture more than ten feet away from it at any time. Toilet training was an issue, and required a transportable gaming device. All family meals happened in front of the TV. Bedtime involved switching on the TV in the bedroom prior to this child leaving the family room. Community outings involved handing the child an iPod with movie cued up, and then quickly bundling the child into his car seat. Upon arrival at their destination, he was transferred back onto a TV. The Mom said she wasn't even sure the child knew that he was not in his home, so fixated was he on technology. The TV was required to be on at all times day and night, or the child wouldn't eat or sleep. He would immediately start to scream if the TV was turned off. Mom reported the child's body was in a constant state of rigid attention and fixation on the TV, and she was worried that her child would not be able to attend upcoming pre-school in the fall. Evidently the preschool allowed some ‘educational' TV time, but there were also times when the TV was turned off and the children were expected to play. The Mom stated her children didn't know how to ‘play'. Click here to read more.

·      Technology for Your Toolbox: Boardmaker & iPad.  This presentation will provide an overview of technology and software applications that can facilitate communication and learning for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Participants will see a number of apps in use for the Apple iPad and will leave with a list of apps that they can use with their children or students. This session will also introduce participants to the Boardmaker Software Family and focus on learning to use this application to create activities to teach vocabulary, sentence construction, math and other concepts.Presented by
Brenda Fossett, Ph.D., BCBA-D
University of British Columbia

Friday, April 1, 2011
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (Registration starts at 8 a.m.)

Harbour Centre Campus, Simon Fraser University
515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Early Bird Deadline - February 22, 2011.  To register call the ACT office to register 604-205-5467 or toll-free 1-866-939-5188




Ministry of Children and Family Development: Responsible for providing a range of services and supports for children and youth with special needs and their families.


Community Living British Columbia: Responsible for delivering services and supports for adults with developmental disabilities


Ministry of Housing & Social Development: Responsible for education and support payments, work programs, bus passes and health and dental benefits for persons with disabilities.



·       Each year, the BC Epilepsy Society hosts Speaking of Epilepsy, a series of lectures on a wide variety of epilepsy related topics. In recent years topics have been as diverse as treatments, active living, epilepsy and learning, stress management, siblings of children with epilepsy, surgery, women's health, employment, and human rights issues. The 2010-2011 Speaking of Epilepsy lecture series includes:
April TBA Women With Epilepsy
May TBAAnti-Epileptic Medications

June TBA Epilepsy Research in BC                    
All lectures are held at the Chan Auditorium in the Education and Research Building at the Children's and Women's Health Centre of BC located on 4480 Oak Street at 28th Avenue. Lectures run from 7-9 pm. Please contact us at 604-875-6704 or at to reserve your seat and confirm dates. Admission is free to current members of our Society and only $10 for each lecture if you are not a member. You can take out a membership at the start of any lecture and receive free

·      Attention Teachers, Educators, Professionals, and Parents,
We are very excited to announce the 3rd upcoming conference
Autism Biennial Congress 2011, Vancouver BC, April 8-9, 2011 <
Click here for Registration Form>
Click here for a downloadable registration form to print out>
Over 18 World's foremost autism experts, including Eustacia Cutler (Temple Grandin's mom), Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, Dr. Stephen Shore, Jerry Newport, Keri Bowers, Bill Davis, Julie Matthewss, Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, David Kirby, Karen Simmons, Dr. Anita Bratt, Mark Bulgutch, Elaine Hall "Coach E", Shannon Kenitz, Dr. Lauren Underwood, Dr. Sheila Wagner, plus many more!
 April 8 - 9, 2011, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Convention Centre East, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC

·      DRN Conference 2011
Join us for the Disability Resource Network of BC Forum 2011
" Mission Possible: Syncing New Technology with Current Practices"
Monday and Tuesday, May 30 and 31, 2011
Vancouver Museum 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, BC 
Click here for more information

·      NeuroDevNet Second Annual Brain Development Conference
June 19 - 21, 2011. Vancouver, BC Hyatt Regency Vancouver
 655 Burrard Street

NeuroDevNet will be holding our 2011 Annual Brain Development Conference June 19-21 in Vancouver, BC.

Make sure to book these dates in your calendar now. Detailed program and registration information will be made available closer to the event.

Visit the Brain Development Conference page for updates.

·      NEW  FRIEND 2 FRIEND Fall workshop OCT 21 & 22, 2011 - click here! Fostering Peer Play and Friendships for Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum: The Integrated Play GroupsTM and Friend 2 Friend Models  SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver, BC

·      Save the date! Speaking of Kids 2011, Friday Oct 21

·      Speaking of Kids annual conference will take place in Vancouver on Friday October 21, 2011. This one-day event will feature a celebrity guest speaker plus other engaging and knowledgeable speakers.
Tickets will go on sale starting in March, 2011; and ticket prices have been kept at the minimal fee of $55! Out of town conference attendees will also be offered lowered hotel rates.
LDAV conference committee members are fast at work obtaining 'goodie-bag' items and a raffle draw prize. This year's event will be the best one yet!
Stay tuned as we'll be announcing our celebrity speaker in February.
(info and pictures from past conferences...)

To see all the workshops offered by Autism Community Training Please click here.



·      Click here for some FAMILY FUN April Fools Ideas

·      Click here for YOYOMAMA'S  Spring into Action - spring break ideas!

·      Welcome to Beesafe Family Safety Solutions.  Beesafe Family Safety Solutions specializes in emergency preparedness and safety products for busy families, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for the unexpected. We create customized, comprehensive "Grab & Go" 72 Hour Survival Kits for your family's needs, so whether you have a family with 2 parents, one 12 year old, one 4 month old, a live-in grandparent, cat, dog & hamster or you're a busy executive with a doggy in daycare, we have a kit for your family.  Click here to find out more.

·      Spring Break Social Skills Groups
Monarch House - 2011

For a valuable group experience participants must be well matched. If your child is not currently attending our programs a no charge meet and greet with our Group Leader is required. Age Guideline 8-11, 11-14
Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Monday March 21st-Friday March 25th
40 hours for group therapy: Cost $700

This week long experience will bring excitement to your child's Spring Break. Your children will practice organizing, planning, initiating, and completing tasks all the while developing natural relationships amongst the other group members.

Monday March 21st - Let your Artistic Side Flow
Tuesday March 22nd - Let's Hit the Ice Skating at the Local Skating Rink
Wednesday March 23rd - Sports Day
Thursday March 24th - Monarch House Theater - In House Movie
Friday March 25th - Wet and Wild at the Swimming Pool

Age Guideline 5-7
Hours: 9:30 am - 12:30pm
Monday March 21st-Friday March 25th
Cost $500

This group is designed with a focus on developing early speech and language development skills, gross and fine motor skills, supporting appropriate expectations in group settings, and to have fun. Skills will be taught through games and activities in our gym and various treatment areas, structured circle time, snack time, and arts and crafts. The goals of the group are established by qualified speech language pathologist, occupational therapists, and behaviour consultant.

Each day we will follow a specific theme
Monday March 21st - Under the Sea
Tuesday March 22nd - The Great Outdoors
Wednesday March 23rd - Space Exploration
Thursday March 24th - Barn Yard Animals
Friday March 25th - Head to Toes

To discuss the details of this program and/or your child's suitability please contact Monarch House at 604-205-9204

·      There are still places available for school aged Children with Special Needs at the Delta Life Skills  6 week summer camp.
More information and how to register can be found at the following link:
Delta Life Skills <>


·      March 26th ONLINE - Anxiety in Our Children: surprising solutions to a growing problem.  There were more individuals wanting to hear Dr. Neufeld speak on this subject than were able to attend the March 4th evening presentation in Vancouver. As a result, Dr. Neufeld will be giving this presentation again, this time online, so that non-Vancouver area people can attend as well. We have scheduled this talk for 2-4pm PT on a Saturday afternoon for the convenience of eastern time zones. To see a description of the talk or to register for the event, please visit the website.



·      Spring and Summer 2011 programs for struggling learners ages 7 to 14.  Fast ForWord Reading Intervention Software:

strengthens memory, attention, processing rate and sequencing - essential for reading. We also have the Reading series software (for comprehension) not yet available in the Surrey School District.  Start dates flexible. Contact us for more information.

Kurzweil Software Training for Students ages 9 and up:

Many children in the Surrey School District can benefit from this software to assist them with reading and writing but often they don't know how to use it.  Come and learn how and then teach your teacher!  (Max. class size 4)  Next session runs on Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 pm from April 12 to May 17, 2011 (6 weeks).

Keyboarding 1:1 Instruction.  The Typeright program uses one to one multisensory instruction to teach touch typing to students 8 and up.
Spring session runs on Wednesdays, April 13-June 1, 2011 or Saturdays, April 9-June 11, 2011 (45 minute lessons for 8 weeks).  Contact theLDAFS 604-591-5156 to schedule a time.

Steps to Success: Self Advocacy Training for Youth

For students in grades 6 to 10 with LD or ADD. (Max class size 6)  Summer program coming in late August.  Students attend weekday mornings for one week.

Summer One to One Tutoring in Literacy and Math for children aged 6 to 14.  Children attend the program for a minimum three weeks, Monday to Friday one hour sessions. Dates and fees TBA.  Click here to learn more.

·      Press Release - Special Families Magazine Coming to BC.  Vancouver, BC - New Special Needs Parenting Resource to Launch May 2011.  Local special needs families, advocates, educators and service providers will soon have a comprehensive new resource. Debuting this May, Special Families Magazine features "news, views, reviews and things to muse" all from the world of special needs parenting.  Click here to find out more about it.

·      From YOYOMAMA: Deciding which car seat will be best for your precious cargo is a stressful decision for many parents. There's a lot to consider, like safety ratings, finding the right size of seat for your vehicle, ease of use and installation, and comfort features, such as padding and fabric choice. And now there's something else parents need to think about: Transport Canada's new car seat safety regulations, which come into effect January 1, 2012*.

·      NEW:  Richmond Parent Group

Meet other parents of children with special needs, ages 0 - 12 years.  Interact with a guest speaker on topics such as:

• Resources and services for your family

• Promoting children's social and emotional development

• Developing your confidence and advocacy skills

• Supporting siblings

• Planning for transitions

Date / Time: Wednesday, May 4 and June 1, 2011 / 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Location: Caring Place, 3rd floor- 7000 Minoru Blvd,Richmond.  To RSVP and to be notified of future meetings contact:  Aman Pannu, Richmond Society for Community Living, 604 279-7049 or

·      How Couples Recover From an Argument Stems From Their Infant Relationships.  According to a new study published in Psychological Science, how couples recover from conflict has a lot to do with the attachment relationships each partner had in their earliest childhood. Subjects that were rated as securely attached to their caregivers in infancy recovered from conflict better, as did their romantic partners.  Click here to read more.

·      A Social Life:  A NEW Social group for parents and youth 14 - 24 years of age with an intellectual/developmental disability.
WHEN: March 13 - June 12th
WHERE: New Westminster Youth Centre, 620 - 8th Street, New Westminster <
There is no cost for this program, please Click here to see the FLYER for more information

·      Bulletin from Family Support Institute (FSI)

The FSI Bulletin, full of helpful resources, is now available to ALL families, friends and partnering organizations. Feel free to pass it on to help others in the support of families and individuals with diverse challenges. If you would like to be added to the Bulletin email list, please contact Shirley Yamashita-Paterson, FSI's Provincial Family Support Worker, at 604-540-8374 ext. 525 or via email at Click here for FSI Bulletin #151  Click here for FSI Bulletin #150 (may take a few minutes to load up) (updated February 24, 2010)

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