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REACH has received a three year accreditation from CARF, an international organization that sets standards of quality of service.  more


Reach Child and Youth Development Society is a non-profit organization that has been providing programs and services to children and their families since 1959,  currently serving the communities of Delta, Surrey and Langley, B.C. We offer a variety of services designed to meet the needs of children to ensure their optimum development. Over 1000 children and their families benefit from our services on an annual basis. 

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Two major premises form the basis upon which Reach delivers its programs and services. The first is that Reach will operate in a family-centered manner and the second is that Reach will be responsive to the needs of the children and families in the community. Reach recognizes: that the family is the major decision maker in a child’s life and the constant in the child’s life while service systems and personnel fluctuate; that families are diverse and that cultural, racial and economic diversity requires acceptance and respect; that families and children are unique and each has its own structure, roles, beliefs, and coping style which requires flexible and individualized approaches to goal identification and service planning; that families should be in control and that the primary aim of good service planning is to enable and empower families; that families should be informed and receive unbiased and complete information about their child’s care and development. Reach also holds that it is essential to have the design and delivery of services be flexible to meet the changing needs of children and families and to respond to input from the community regarding those needs. 

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Reach is a CARF Accredited Agency

Reach Child and Youth Development Society has received a three year accreditation from CARF, an international organization that sets standards of quality of service. We have received the accreditation for our Child and Youth Services Programs and our Respite Program. This means that we have been recognized as providing responsive, high quality programs and services that meet the needs of the children and families in our community. 

Consistent with CARF standards, Reach develops annual outcome goals that are based on the input we receive from the community and families we serve. Our current outcome goals are the following: 

Funding and Fundraising: Reach will never be constrained because of lack of funds and will obtain funding adequate to meet the priorities in its three year plan. 

Well Designed & Expanded Programs and Services: Ensure Reach’s range and capacity of services offered meet identified needs of children and families in the community to increase quality of life and support their children to meet their full potential. 

Staff Capacity: Maintain high quality staff and increase the number of well-qualified staff to deliver current and new programs and services.

Community Awareness/Access: Ensure families in the South Fraser Region are aware of Reach programs and services and are not restricted to access by any barriers. 

Advocacy re Government Policies: Ensure Reach advocates on behalf of children and families in the development of government policy and priorities. 

CARF 2017 Survey Report for Reach Child and Youth Development Society (PDF)
CARF 2014 Survey Report for Reach Child and Youth Development Society (PDF)


We welcome your comments and input on our outcome goals, as well as your ideas for how we can better meet the needs of our community. To offer your input please give us a call at 604-946-6622, or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it