Aboriginal Supported Child Development

What is Aboriginal Supported Child Development?

Aboriginal Supported Child Development (ASCD) is a provincially funded program that is designed to specifically meet the needs of children of Aboriginal heritage who require additional support. ASCD programs are developed with cultural values, beliefs and traditions in mind.   

In order to be effectively included within a child care setting it is recognized that some children may require extra support. Aboriginal Supported Child Development (ASCD) serves children birth to 12 years of age, (up to age 19 in special circumstances), who require extra support and are, or will be, attending a child care setting.

Some children may be identified as needing support due to a delay or difficulty in some area of development. Other children may demonstrate some need for support that has not been identified. In these situations, Aboriginal Supported Child Development works with families and child care providers to meet the individual needs.

ASCD Brochure 2016

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What services do Aboriginal Supported Child Development provide?

The Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultant will make visits to the child care setting. Some home visits with families, team meetings to address individual needs, and a range of other supports are also available through the program.

Additional supports may include:

Help for parents in choosing a child care setting.
Individual planning and staff support to meet child specific needs.
Consultation support around areas such as:
    -- how to promote effective inclusion.
    -- behavioral support.
    -- how to adapt or structure the environment to meet needs.
Information about and / or access to equipment, resources and toys.
Information about and referrals to other services.
Connecting parents to informal supports such as parent groups.



What types of child care can receive support?

Families choose a child care setting that best meets their needs and those of their child. Support is then provided to this setting through the Aboriginal Supported Child Development Program. The possible child care settings include:

Group Child Care
Family Child Care
Out of School Care
Licensed Not Required Child Care


How often will an Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultant visit?

The Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultant will work with the family and child care setting to determine how often visits are needed. Visits to child care may range from once every few months to once a month, to once a week. Where children require a greater level of support, extra staffing support to the child care setting will be pursued in conjunction with Consultant support. Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultants may also visit with families at home, participate in meetings with other professionals or accompany families on appointments. 

Parents wishing to access services for children requiring extra support can contact Rachel Chernoff at (604) 946-6622, ext. 318 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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