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Building Strong Community Foundations for Children & Youth

Developed by the South Fraser Valley Regional Child & Youth Committee in partnership with Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives Association

About the 40
Developmental Assets

Asset Building

Asset Building

The Fraser
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Asset Building Initiatives

Giving children and youth what they need to succeed.

The following asset building initiatives have been established in communities here in BC and across Canada.


In British Columbia...


Alcohol Drug Education Service: Helping Keep Kids Drug Free

This organization is committed to the reduction and/or prevention of drug and alcohol use by young people. It offers continued education and advocacy, a variety of programs and educational services to schools and communities. Its connection to the Developmental Asset framework is through acknowledgement of the Search Institute’s research and a comprehensive understanding that children and youth need to build resiliency in order to make the right choices for themselves. www.ades.bc.ca


Boys & Girls Club of Delta

This community-based organization is dedicated to helping improve conditions for young people living in the Delta community. It provides services to all ages, from pre-natal development into adulthood, and offer a wide variety of programs and services ranging from prevention/intervention to recreational/social. Its success in Asset Building stems from a strong commitment to helping children and youth in their communities grow up to be healthy and successful adults.  www.bgccs.bc.ca


Boys & Girls Club of Kamloops  

Focus is placed on providing programs and services for children, youth and families to address a number of the community needs, including education, recreation, social activities, support and grief programs, and skill-oriented programs. This organization is committed to continuously building partnerships in the community and ensuring that children, youth and families are provided with great community services. www.bgckamloops.com


Boys & Girls Club of Greater Victoria

A contributor to the children, youth and family services in Victoria, this agency provides a wide range of services that cater to the young people living in the area. It is dedicated to Asset Building through improving the quality of life of children and youth and by assisting them to develop positively. www.bgcvic.org


City of Kamloops

The City of Kamloops is continuously working to build stronger connections with children and youth. It offers on-line information about how community members can support the children and youth living in Kamloops through Asset Building. Its website offers an excellent resource for those looking to find ways in which their municipality can be involved with Asset Building. www.kamloops.ca/assetbuilding/40developmentalassets.shtml


Crescent Beach Community Services

A pilot site for the Asset Building Initiative in the South Fraser Region, this organization is devoted to helping their clients make healthy choices and live healthy lifestyles. It promotes a community that is connected and working together to Build Assets for and with young people. www.campalex.com


Delta Police Department

A pilot site for Asset Building initiative in the South Fraser Region,  the Delta Police is dedicated to providing security to the Delta, Tsawwassen and Ladner communities while continuously working to build healthy relationships with the young populations in these areas. The School Liaison program is geared towards creating positive relationships with the young population, as well as ensuring children and youth are making safe and healthy choices. www.deltapolice.ca



Developed by Ward Clapham, recently retired Superintendent of the Richmond RCMP, the Positive Tickets program offers a unique way to promote the 40 Developmental Asset framework and the integration of this philosophy into Canadian policing. The program has become an inspiration to many policing organizations, both nationally and internationally, to build positive and healthy relationships with young people. The website is an excellent resource and provides information on training and workshops that are offered on how to “catch kids doing things right.” www.positivetickets.com


Richmond RCMP

The Richmond RCMP, along side the City of Richmond, is well known for its commitment to Developmental Assets philosophy. Its dedication is paying off with a significant decline in youth crime: a 41% reduction over a two-year period. As one of the largest detachments in Canada, it has successfully demonstrated the benefits of positive child and youth development tactics through the success of the Positive Ticket program. It has also created team “Izzat”—a group of volunteer police officers who spend time in the community connecting with young people in positive ways. www.richmond.ca/safety/police/community/main.htm


Summerland Asset Development Initiative (SADI)

SADI has been actively running since 1998 and is dedicated to the positive development of all children and youth living in Summerland. It has implimented a variety of youth run initiatives such as a youth council, youth conferences, youth workshops and volunteer programs. It also provides a wide variety of projects  dedicated to building a stronger and healthier community. www.sadi.ca


Township of Langley

A municipal pilot site for the Asset Building Initiative in the South Fraser region, the Township of Langley is committed to the positive development of children and youth. Staff have received education and training about the 40 Developmental Assets in order to provides services to young clientele in a way that demonstrates genuine caring. A Youth Commission is established which offers valuable input to the Township Council on a variety of current issues in the community. www.tol.bc.ca


YMCA of Greater Vancouver         

The YMCA is committed to positive community development work throughout the country. In addition to the many programs and projects it offers, the YMCA has adopted the 40 Developmental Assets framework philosophy. The YMCA identifies itself as having three important roles for children and youth:
1) as  a “Partner” with families, children, and the people around the children,
2) as a “Bridge” between the families, children and community resources, and
3) as a “‘Living Laboratory’” to support and play a vital role in the ongoing research of programs and community-building projects. www.vanymca.org 


Across Canada...


Brockville Police Service

Having become very familiar with the term “Developmental Assets”, the Brockville Police is committed to ensuring that members deliver services to the community in a way that is conducive to a positive and healthy environment for all. The 40 Developmental Assets framework has provided useful information and instilled knowledge about the benefits of implementing a positive child and youth development strategy.   www.brockvillepolice.com/programs/AssetDevelopmentforYouth.htm


Thrive: The Canadian Center for Positive Youth Development

Thrive is considered one of the leading organizations in promoting the positive and healthy development of children and youth. It has incorporated the 40 Developmental Assets framework into all of the work it dos. In close partnership with the Search Institute, Thrive offers a variety of tools and resources on the Developmental Assets that can be useful for people in a variety of occupations. www.thrivecanada.ca


The Community Solution to Gang Violence

This Edmonton-based community group was created with the vision of ensuring that Edmonton and the surrounding area are free from gangs and works to  prevent youth from engaging in gang behaviours. The 40 Developmental Assets framework is a fundamental part of how this organization works to meet its mission and vision. Members employ a risk-protective framework—a preventative strategy—when working with youth in hopes of empowering them to make choices that will prevent them from engaging in high-risk behaviours. www.csgv.ca/content.php?ID=100


Growing Healthy Canadians

This website was developed as a guide for promoting positive child and youth development. It hosts a wealth of information on how to raise children and youth in a positive and healthy environment. Visitors can learn about life transitions that young people experience and important ways that adults can encourage healthy youth development. www.growinghealthykids.com


The Society for Safe & Caring Schools and Consequences

This society is committed to the positive development of children and youth through providing support for positive social, emotional, and moral development of children and youth. It is devoted to minimize the potential of bullying and violence through prevention programs focusing on a variety of positive development topics. www.sacsc.ca


Tamarack: An Institute for Community Engagement

Tamarack is a nation-wide organization committed to building strong, connected communities by fostering collaboration between community-based organizations.

Its services and programs focus on engaging community members across Canada in contributing to the positive development of their communities and in working to minimize poverty.  Tamarak integrates the Developmental Assets philosophy into its work of building healthy communities which, in turn, foster healthy child and youth development. www.tamarackcommunity.ca


Outward Bound Canada

Outward Bound provides young people with opportunities to venture into the great outdoors and learn about themselves, others, and the environment. It delivers a wide variety of programs for young people, ranging from sea kayaking, to mountaineering, to youth Asset Building adventures. This organization blends positive youth development with the great outdoors, forming an ideal combination for creating meaningful connections with children and youth. www.outwardbound.ca