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Building Strong Community Foundations for Children & Youth

Developed by the South Fraser Valley Regional Child & Youth Committee in partnership with Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives Association

About the 40
Developmental Assets

Asset Building

Asset Building

The Fraser
Region Project



The Fraser Region Pilot Project

Serving the communities of Surrey, Delta and Langley, BC


The Asset Project is working with three organizations in the South Fraser Region municipalities of Surrey, Delta and Langley. Our goal is to help these organizations develop and implement customized initiatives based on the 40 Developmental Assets. By developing these individualized strategies, we are aiming to integrate the 40 Developmental Assets into community-wide initiatives in each municipality.


of Langley


Recreation, Culture
& Parks Division

Mission Statement

The Corporation of the Township of Langley is committed to:

  • excellent municipal services that are responsive to community needs;

  • protection and promotion of our rural character and heritage;

  • recognition of Langley as a community of communities;

  • a lifestyle that is environmentally, socially, culturally and economically balanced;

  •  management of our growth in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner; and

  • community safety and the personal safety of its citizens.


  • To enable, facilitate or provide services that reflect Langley’s community values; that protect and nurture our environment; that embrace and celebrate our heritage and culture while we prepare to satisfy an every growing mix of community leisure needs in an effective, efficient and sustainable fashion.


  • To use publicly sponsored leisure services to help foster a sense of community

  • To use public leisure services to help foster responsible, independent citizens.

Connection to Asset Building:

Through our partnership with Community Justice Initiatives, the Township of Langley, Recreation, Culture, and Parks Division will use the Asset Building model in training staff to assist in the fostering of responsible and independent citizens. 

  • We will act as role models in the development of assets in the lives of youth.

  • We will commit to the healthy development of young people by focusing on community and individual strengths

To learn more, visit www.tol.bc.ca.




Delta Police



Mission Statement

“Delivering excellence in policing through community partnership. All efforts will be directed towards maintaining order, promoting safety and reducing crime.



 “Delta—a safer and better community through excellence in policing.”



  • Honour: Absolute Loyalty and steadfast commitment to the Delta Police Department and our community

  • Integrity: Dedicated to legal, moral and ethical behavior.

  • Courage: Challenging oneself to overcome adversity.

  • Trust: To be relied upon with confidence.

 Connection to Asset Building:


The Delta Police Department believes that Asset Building is a valued component of our interactions with children and youth in our communities. We are committed to building positive and healthy connection with children and youth in our communities as part of our strategic direction.


One of our strategic goals for 2007-2010 is:

“Develop Our Youth for the Future: Police and Youth Initiative Making a Difference.”


To learn more, visit http://deltapolice.ca.


Crescent Beach
Camp Alexandra


Mission Statement


Crescent Beach Community Services provides programs, services, facilities and community-building events that address the evolving needs and aspirations of diverse people on the Semiahmoo Peninsula and beyond. CBCS engages, educates and empowers in order to foster community spirit and participation, build supportive relationships, and nurture individual, family and community well-being.


• Honesty • Integrity • Resilience
• Education • Respect • Leadership

 Transparency • Equality


Connection to Asset Building:


As part of the Fraser Region Asset Building pilot project Crescent Beach Community Services has integrated information on the 40 Developmental Assets into all of our programming related to children, youth and families.


We are actively providing information and integrating the language of Asset Building through...

  • our agency newsletter

  • postings on our program information boards

  • our parent education programs

  • our relationships with the community

  • the approach we take with working with children and youth

  •  initiating Youth Forums

  • engaging our community partners in a dialogue around Asset Building

  • shared learning opportunities

As an agency that provides community-based programs for children in their early childhood through to Seniors, the intergenerational piece of asset building is of a particular interest, and an area we are hoping to develop.


One of the most important goals for Crescent Beach Community Services is to provide opportunities for the White Rock/South Surrey region to learn from each other, to develop a common language while building a common understanding of Asset Building between service providers, business’ and individuals within the community. What we have learned through our work on this pilot project is that we must begin the work internally, within our own agency, and then branch out to engage the larger community through shared learning opportunities. The language of Asset Building has provided a strong foundation within which to begin this work, it has given language to the work we do every day!


To learn more, visit www.campalex.com.