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Positive Behavioural Support and Intervention Program (PBS)

What is the Positive Behavioural Support Program (PBS)?

A provincially funded in-home support program for families with children with special needs, including children with autism, ages 3 to 18 years old, who present with behavioural challenges.

Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) works in partnership with families. Together we develop individualized assessments, plans and strategies for supporting children. The plans and strategies are then implemented by families in their home. To assist families with their implementation of plans we provide formal and informal training, modeling, and access to current research and information.

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Our Objectives Include:
  • Reducing the child’s current challenging behaviours
  • Provide families with tools to allow them to independently address challenging behaviours that may arise in the future.
  • Increase the child’s self-help and independence skills like social skills, emotional competency, and communication skills.
  • Provide families with guidance and resources so that they can educate themselves further and focus their existing strengths and skills to support their child.
Reach Choices - Individualized Funding PBS Program
This is a fee for service program that provides behavioural support to families who have children with special needs over the age of 6. Behaviour Consultants are available to work with families , group homes, schools or at other organizations. In addition, many Workshops are also offered to the community and other service groups in this program:

Please contact Camille Netheron at [email protected] PBS-IF in the subject line or call 604-946-6622 ext 302.


REACH is committed to provide accessible services. To ensure fair access to our Positive Behavioural Support Program we have outlined our entry, transition and exit criteria for you below.

Entry criteria:  
Children need to be referred directly by their MCFD Social Worker to this program with the verbal or written permission of the legal guardian. Children must:
• be residents of British Columbia, and living in Surrey, Delta and Langley
• be between the ages of 3 and 18 years

Transition criteria:
Children who move out of the service area will be transitioned to a program in their new community by their new social worker.

Exit criteria:
A child will be discharged when:
• at the end of the month of their 18th birthday
• the child has reached outcome goals – this will take place in conversations and agreement with the legal guardian
• upon completion of the program (9-12 months)

Positive Behavioural Support and Intervention Program

Positive Behavioural Support and Intervention Program

For further information about the Reach Postive Behavioural Support program contact Program Manager Ashleigh Toulson. For a referral to this program please contact your Ministry for Children & Family Development CYSN ( MCFD CYSN) Social Worker.

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N: Ashleigh Toulson
P: 604-946-6622, ext. 344
E: [email protected]
L: Delta, Surrey, & Langley areas

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