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Reach Therapies Programs

Including Speech Pathologist Programs & Language Therapy, Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

What are Reach's Therapy & Speech Pathologist Programs?

Reach provides speech pathologist programs including language therapy. They also provide occupational therapy & physiotherapy for kids under 6. Up untill kindergarten age.

Therapists work as team members with families, early childhood educators, and other professionals to provide individualized programs.

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For more information contact the Reach Early Intervention Therapies Program Coordinator at (604) 946-6622 ext.341

Speech Pathologist Programs, Language Therapy, Physiotherapy & Occupational TherapyReach Therapies Brochure 2018

Speech Pathologist Programs, Language Therapy, Physiotherapy & Occupational TherapyEarly Intervention Therapy Handbook 2018


Referrals to the Reach Therapies Program may come from many sources such as a parent, doctor, public health nurse, or a community professional. To access services in speech and language therapy, physiotherapy or occupational therapy, complete a referral form.

Early Intervention therapy services are provided free of charge

Language Therapy & Speech Pathologist Programs

A Speech-Language Pathologist (also known as an S-LP) helps to identify, assess and support issues related to communication development in children. Areas of development include: production and sequencing of speech sounds, learning words and putting them together to produce phrases and sentences, understanding questions and following directions, social communication skills, fluency or stuttering, voice  disorders, hearing loss, and, alternative and augmentative communications needs.

Return the completed form to REACH or to the Central Referral Office, fax 604-583-5113

Speech & Language Therapy Referral Form


Help may be needed when a child has difficulty acquiring the motor skills expected within their age range. Gross motor development, such as movement, strength, balance, coordination, and endurance are required in activities such as rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping and ball skills. A Physiotherapist (also known as a PT) helps promote gross motor development of infants and children.

Return the completed form to REACH or to the Central Referral Office, fax 604-583-5113

Physiotherapy Referral Form

Occupational Therapy

An Occupational Therapist (also known as an OT) helps children in the development of skills that are needed in their daily activities. These activities include self-care (such as eating, swallowing, dressing, and toileting), productivity (which involves play and fine motor activities such as holding a pencil, cutting with scissors, and drawing), and leisure (such as swimming, soccer, and hockey). To address these areas an OT may provide consultation or direct therapy as well as recommend equipment or adaptations to the environment.

Return the completed form to REACH or to the Central Referral Office, fax 604-583-5113

Occupational Therapy Referral Form

Speech Pathologist Programs

The Reach Therapies Program

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Reach Child Development Centre
Therapy & Speech Pathologist Programs

Reach Child & Youth Development Society provides therapies for children up to the age of kindergarten entry. This video provides a brief overview of our early intervention therapy services provided free of charge. Speech Language Therapy (S-LP) , Physiotherapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) are the services offered.

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