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Ensure Your Child Will

Reach Their FULL Potential

Before The Age Of 3.

Are you concerned that your baby has missed an important developmental milestone? Here’s what you can do about it.

Children reach milestones in playing, learning, speaking, behaving, and moving. As a parent you might notice that your child may not be reaching their milestones at the same rate as other children. A developmental delay is when your child does not reach these milestones at the same time as most of the children in the same age group.

You can gauge how your child develops by paying attention to how they play, learn, speak and interact with others. They might be sitting in the corner all by themselves or not responding to sounds. They may not respond when you call their name. Or they may be falling behind on another important milestone. The good news is, the earlier we recognize this the more you can do to help your child reach their full potential.

If you have concerns about your baby’s development, follow your instincts. You’re the expert in your baby. With our help your child can reach their full potential. Don’t wait and see. Support before 3 is key. 

Come to a FREE DEVELOPMENTAL SCREENING at our Infant Development Playgroup in Delta. 

Is your child not reaching these important developmental milestones? Download Our Guide Now.

You will learn about the typical developmental milestones. These are guidelines to help you measure your child’s progress over their first 3 years.


What are the signs of a developmental delay?

All children develop at different rates. Take the time to observe how your child plays, learns, speaks and acts. Delays could be in areas of hearing, cognition, gross motor and fine motor, language, social & emotional or behavioral skills.

  • Does your child play all by themselves?
  • Has your child’s behavior changed recently?
  • Does your child have difficulty processing information?
What is developmental screening?

A developmental screening helps to identify if an infant or toddler’s has a risk for cognitive, motor, communication, social or emotional delays. Families can attend monthly developmental screenings for free.

Find out early if any intervention is  recommended. If help is needed, we can offer further assistance.  Give your child the best possible foundation for their future.

Will my child just grow out of it?

Often early intervention is the key to helping children who are experiencing a delay in one or more areas.

 Come to our free screening and we can answer any questions that you may have about your child’s development.

What can we do as parents?

Early intervention = Better outcomes

Bring any concerns you have to us. You know your child best.

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