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In 2021, postcards  were created by a coalition seeking equal pay for employees of un-unionized non-profit organization serving families. They were sent to members of the provincial government to send the message that Community Social Service Workers in BC deserve equal pay and that you would like to see the #EqualPayBC issue resolved. A hearing occurred at the Labour Relations Board  on Sept. 20, 2021 and the results were reported in the spring of 2022. The bid was unsuccessful.                                

What was the Equal Pay BC Campaign and who is the Coalition of Community Social Services workers?

  • Reach Child and Youth Development Society is part of  a coalition of workers and employers in the Community Social Services sector. Visit Equal Pay BC for a list of all participants.

Over 14,000 of our workers are non-union — and they earn less than their union counterparts due to government policies. However, the BC Government does not fund union and non-union workers equally. We value all our employees and believe in equality for all – whether they belong to a union or not. 

 Introducing #EqualPayBC postcards! Postage is included and by simply adding your name and city on the back you can

  • Equal Pay results in better worker retention, continuity in relationships for clients as well as providing a stable workforce to ensure quality and safety.

Follow the latest news and help us spread awareness at  Equal Pay BC 

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