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Our 2021 Gift of Speech campaign supported speech therapy sessions that assess and support issues related to communication development in children. Areas of development include: production and sequencing of speech sounds, learning words and putting them together to produce phrases and sentences, understanding questions and following directions, social communication skills, fluency or stuttering, voice disorders, hearing loss, and, alternative and augmentative communications needs.

Warner Bros. and Envision Financial are joining us this year as part of their community outreach!  Warner Bros. Superman & Lois cast  who in Ladner, BC has joined with us to support the campaign with a donation of 120 hours of speech therapy! In addition, Envision Financial, a division of First West Credit Union, has matched an additional $5000 in donations ! We also had a visit from Fraserway RV on Dec. 16 with a generous donation that removed another 10 children from the waitlist for speech therapy. We are excited to announce that we reached a total of $32,350 in donations: sending a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who donated!!


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