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Gift Of Speech

The ability to communicate with others is the very foundation
of a child’s social, emotional and educational development.

At least one in ten preschoolers need to see a speech language pathologist (SLP) for support in developing age appropriate communication skills. It is not unusual for children to be left waiting for months or years to see a publicly funded SLP in BC. Some children will not have access to a SLP before kindergarten because of waitlists.

Early Idenfication of speech, language and hearing disorders is absolutely key: the earlier a communication disorder is identified, the better the chances for improvement or event recovery. Difficulties early on can have a cascading effect on the rest of a child’s life.

In the photo shown, REACH SLP Katie Scozzafava helps a young boy experiencing speech difficulties. Parvaan is 4 years old and came to REACH because he was hard to understand, having trouble with his peers and transitioning between activities. Already, he has made significant gains with early intervention speech therapy: his family understands him; he is making friends and following the routines at preschool.

With your support, REACH can help more children with early intervention to address speech and communication difficulties. You can make a life-long difference in children’s lives. Please consider giving to REACH Gift of Speech 2019 this holiday season!

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“REACH Speech Therapy goes above & beyond…” Parent, 2019 Family Survey

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