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ਮਈ 29, 2022 @ 11:00 ਪੂਃ ਦੁਃ - 4:00 ਬਾਃ ਦੁਃ

Mitch and Murray Productions and Reach Child and Youth Development Society present Acting Atypical, a foundational exploration of acting for adults on the Autism Spectrum. The workshop will be hosted by Mitch and Murray Productions artistic director Aaron Craven and supported by behavioural consultant Jo DiTomasso and the team at Reach Child and Youth Development Society.

In this one day workshop , participants will explore the world of acting with veteran acting coach Aaron Craven. In a supportive sensory-friendly environment, Aaron will guide students through an introductory look at acting! The class will include some fun and interactive improv work, some scripted work in front of the camera and a spirited conversation between participants and Aaron about the wonderful world of acting.

To inquire about registering, please email heathera@reachchild.org


ਮਈ 29, 2022
11:00 ਪੂਃ ਦੁਃ - 4:00 ਬਾਃ ਦੁਃ
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