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REACH is committed to keeping our staff and families safe during COVID-19. Keep reading below for our list of measures to limit the exposure to COVID-19:


  1. Those with symptoms of illness or with ill members in household prohibited from entry
  2. Those who have travelled internationally within 14 days prohibited from entry
  3. Visitors permitted based on clinical need and otherwise prohibited
  4. Room occupancy limits posted
  5. Virtual sessions will continue and staff will continue to work from home where possible



  1. Plexiglass and furniture barriers are installed that do not introduce additional risks to staff and families
  2. Chairs present in rooms reflect occupancy limits
  3. High use equipment has been isolated and relocated to areas where physical distancing easily achieved



  1. Pre-screening for staff and visitors in effect
  2. Use contactless sign-in with virtual application Simple In/Out
  3. Traffic flow is in one direction with entrance and exit clearly marked
  4. Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer upon entry and as often as you touch your personal devices.
  5. Physical distancing is required throughout REACH locations
  6. Directional arrows on the floor indicate routes to follow at REACH location
  7. Elevator is one person at a time
  8. Kitchens are two people at a time with no shared utensils, plates, glasses and coffee pots
  9. Staff instructed to clean and sanitize their work area every day
  10. Protocols are in effect to clean and disinfect toy libraries
  11. Professional cleaning with COVID-19  focus on common touch points
  12. Compulsory virtual training for staff in all safety measures posted
  13. Signage posted in each REACH location to reinforce hand washing, physical distancing and cleaning common touch points


FOURTH LEVEL PROTECTION – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  1. Face masks and visors are used when a physical distance of 2M (6 feet) cannot be maintained and in all common areas
  2. All staff issued PPE and cleaning supply individual kits
  3. Disposable face masks and hand sanitizer stations are available for REACH visitors
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