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REACH Preschool North Newsletter January 2021

Upcoming Special Days:

Monday Jan. 4 & Tuesday Jan. 5 – Welcome back!
Family Literacy Day – Jan. 27
Remember to read every day.

Birthdays this month:

Violet Joel
Sully Richter
Happy Birthday!

Dear Families,
Welcome to 2021!
We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday with your families and a restful break.
Thank you all for your generosity this holiday season, it was much appreciated.
As we head into 2021, we can look forward to better times and see that there is a path towards normalcy. Until then,
we still need to abide by the Covid protocols.We want to welcome Madison to our team. She is one of
our new support workers. Parneet has left to continue her post-secondary studies.
Denise & Silky

Our Focus this month:

Winter & Hibernation
This month we will be discovering all things winter
– snow, ice, penguins, polar bears, snowy owls, snow
geese, cold weather, mitts, hats, etc. As well as learning
about hibernation and what animals hibernate in the

2021/2022 Preschool Registration
Reach Preschool will be holding their 2021-2022 In-House preschool
registration from February 16 to 19 for children who are currently
enrolled and are eligible to return next year. All families must re-register
their children annually. Registrations are processed on a first come/first
serve basis. Families may also register age appropriate siblings at the
same time. Waitlist children and children who are new to Reach will
register at a later date. 2021-2022 Registration Packages will be ready for
pick-up at the preschool on February 8.

Early Childhood Pedagogical Network www.ecpn.ca
We are working with a Pedagogist from the Early Childhood Pedagogical Network to help support our direction of
curriculum, to take notice and reflection of how we are presenting materials, content and direction. One of the topics of
discussion and consideration is the BC Early Learning Framework. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/educationtraining/
early-learning/teach/early-learning-framework One of the ideas discussed at our last meeting was to put up photos
of the children playing and exploring so that they can see themselves reflected in those activities which would then initiate
conversation. Just as I add photos to the newsletter to show parents and families what we have been doing and to spark
communication with your child, it is equally important for them to talk to each other about what they are seeing and

Having fun at preschool!
Reading Decorating the trees in the woods Puddle jumping
Climbing on and exploring the boulder we found on our walk.
Free Art Discovering colors Decorating cookies

Family Literacy Day – January 27
Family literacy focusses on parents, grandparents and other family members to improve the reading and writing skills of the whole family. By reading to children and engaging in fun literacy activities regularly, adults actively keep their own skills sharp and also help children improve their skills. Family literacy activities strengthen the relationship between family members which, in turn, encourages lifelong learning. Without adult support and a strong foundation at home, a child is less likely to be successful and engaged in school.
Here are a few activities that families can do together to enhance literacy skills:
1. Winter Walk Scavenger Hunt – go for a walk and look for items that define our winters (puddles, dripping branches, fallen leaves etc)
2. Make marshmallow and toothpick sculptures.
3. Make hot chocolate together. Writing down or drawing each step in the process.

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