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Fee For Service Therapies (SLP & OT)

What is SLP?
Speech-language pathologists, also known as speech therapists, provide services that focus on verbal and non-verbal communication skill development. They provide support in the areas of language understanding and use, social communication (e.g., greeting people and playing with peers), speech clarity (ability to produce and combine speech sounds and use the voice), facial expression, body language and gestures, alternative or augmentative communication (e.g., sign language, picture symbols and verbal output devices), fluency (e.g. stuttering), pre-literacy and literacy skills, and the oral motor skills involved with swallowing issues.

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What is OT?

An Occupational Therapist (also known as an OT) helps children in the development of skills that are needed in their daily activities. These activities include self-care (such as eating, swallowing, dressing, and toileting), productivity (which involves play and fine motor activities such as holding a pencil, cutting with scissors, and drawing), and leisure (such as swimming, soccer, and hockey). To address these areas an OT may provide consultation or direct therapy as well as recommend equipment or adaptations to the environment.

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Positive Behavioural Support Program

Speech Language Pathologists Program

For further information about the Reach Speech Language Pathologists Program contact Program Manager Katie Scozzafava

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How do you know if your child’s development is on track?

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Speech & Hearing Milestones

This brochure offers simple guidelines regarding key communication skills children typically acquire by a certain age

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Speech and Hearing BC is a not-for-profit association with more than 1200 member speech-language pathologists and audiologists in British Columbia.

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