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Become a Child Development Centre Volunteer

At Reach Child Development Society

Become a child development centre volunteer at Reach. We have been helping children reach their potential for over 50 years. The organization started in 1956 with parents volunteering their time and skills to start a small school in the community of Ladner for 10 children with special needs. Now we have grown to serve close to 1,000 children each year with approximately 100 staff and a host of volunteers.

Reach volunteers come from all walks of life:
From young adults looking to gain new skills, busy executives who are passionate about making a difference, parents of children in Reach programs wanting to give back, to retired professionals offering their valuable skills to a worthy cause.

We only accept volunteer applications from persons age 16+. 
We appreciate your interest. Events Committee volunteer and day-of event volunteers are always in demand!  Email Tamara at Child Development Centre Volunteer[email protected] if you are interested in one-day event volunteering.


FINDS Reach's Children's Exchange:

FINDS Reach’s Children’s Exchange is our volunteer-run social enterprise with proceeds going to support Reach’s  programs. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact [email protected]

FINDS Thrift Store opens for periodic sales please contact [email protected] to find out when one is coming! 

Become a child development centre volunteer at Reach. 

If you are interested in making a difference in your community, please contact us. We would love to have you join our team.
P: 604-946-6622
E: [email protected]

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