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Reach Developmental Preschool Consent Form

    I give full consent and permission to allow my child to participate in all supervised preschool outings during the period that my child is enrolled at the Reach Developmental Preschool-South Delta.

    I give permission for my child’s name, our home address, home telephone number and my/our name(s) to be printed for the class list and made available to families if requested.

    I give permission to the Reach Developmental Preschool-South Delta to photograph/videotape my child for the following purposes

    * I further understand that I will be informed of any photographing/videotaping that occurs and the intended use.

    Individual Planning for Children

    Public Education (i.e. workshops/conferences)

    Public Relations / Media

    School Activities (i.e. fieldtrips, birthdays)

    I have read, understand and agree with the policies and procedures of the preschool as stated in the Parent Handbook.

    I agree to pay in full, Reach preschool fees of month. This will be paid by postdated checks dated for the first of each month or by Visa or MasterCard authorization. I understand that a $20.00 fee will be charged for any NSF checks. I further understand that one months written notice is required if I choose to withdraw my child. In lieu of written notice, a one-month fee will be charged.

    I understand that the forms I am signing become effective for the school year.

    Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Signature*:

    Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Email*:


    Any personal information provided to Reach Child and Youth Development Society is collected and used in accordance with British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). For details of our privacy policy, please contact us at 604-946-6622, or email [email protected]

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