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The Cameron family visited us Dec.14, 2023 to present us with a big cheque from a little girl! Lily turned three on November 4th and  mom Michelle and dad Dan decided to do something very special to celebrate her birthday. They asked that friends and families donate to REACH instead of giving gifts in appreciation of the help that Lily has received in REACH’s autism program. 54 friends and family supported in a BIG way donating $1000 in total including a contribution from Lily, Michelle and Dan themselves. This generous donation is dedicated to the Reach Autism (ABA) program and we thank the Cameron family and their friends for their thoughtful support!

We are honoured to share a testimonial from the Cameron Family about their act of extraordinary generosity:

In the spring of 2022, my wife Michelle Cameron and I, Daniel Cameron, found ourselves on a journey we hadn’t anticipated, navigating the complexities of our daughter Lily’s development. Lily, at just over a year old, had been recommended for support through a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). Little did we know that this initial step would lead us to the doors of Reach Child & Youth Development and set the stage for a transformative experience.

Our first challenge emerged when Lily faced difficulties in two different daycare settings. It became evident that her needs were unique and required specialized attention. Concerned for Lily’s well-being and development, our SLP suggested an Autism Assessment. This process involved collaboration with our Family GP and a child psychologist, leading us to ABLE in Richmond, BC.

In May 2023, the diagnosis arrived: Lily had Autism. The news brought a mix of emotions, but with it came the beginning of a supportive journey, thanks to the introduction of Reach into our lives. Sarah Nykon, a dedicated professional at Reach, became our guiding light. From the moment we met her in 2022, Sarah has been a constant source of support, offering invaluable resources and assistance.

Sarah’s introduction to Reach opened doors we didn’t know existed. Reach, an organization committed to child and youth development, embraced Lily with open arms. The continuous support and encouragement provided by Reach have been instrumental in Lily’s success.

Since our initial encounter with Sarah, Reach has been actively involved in Lily’s life, implementing an Autism-Specific support program funded by the BC government. This program has been tailored to address Lily’s unique challenges, providing her with the tools and resources she needs to thrive.

What sets Reach apart is not just the programs they offer, but the genuine care and understanding they extend to families. Lily is not just a case; she’s an individual with unique needs, and Reach has recognized and addressed those needs with utmost dedication.

The journey with Reach has been one of discovery and growth, not just for Lily but for our entire family. The organization has become an integral part of our support system, offering not only practical assistance but also a sense of community and understanding. Through Reach, we’ve connected with other families facing similar challenges, creating a network of shared experiences and mutual support.

As we reflect on our path so far, we are grateful for the support of Reach and the compassionate professionals like Sarah Nykon who have been by our side. Lily’s journey is ongoing, but with Reach, we feel equipped and empowered to face whatever challenges lie ahead. The organization has been a beacon of hope, turning what initially seemed like a daunting diagnosis into a story of resilience, growth, and success for Lily and our family. We would like to take this time to thank Lily’s current team consisting of the following wonderful and incredibly talented individuals: Pia Evans, Erin Harris, Gina Polisky, Gina Maslin, Andrea Wong, Alyssa Kowbel and Alyssa Grant have been as good to us as if we were family.”

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